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3 Wheel Electric Dustbin Transporter(6 bins)

Name: 3 Wheel Electric Dustbin Transporter / Open-body Garbage Transporting Tricycle / Electric Cleaning Tricycle 

Model: MT-C-LB3YT006 

Brand: Lv Bao 

Motor power: 72V 2500W 

Battery capacity: 72V 120ah Gel SMF lead acid battery / Li-ion battery optional

Tyre size: F 4.50-12 ; R 5.00-12 

Max speed: 25Km/h 

Display: LCD speedo meter with battery SOC indiction and turning signals 

Max mileage: 60Km 

Max load: 900Kg 

Vehicle size: 3820 L x 1350 W x 1950 H 

Garbage cabinet: 2200 L x 1320 W x 595 H (for 6 bin) 

Vehicle weight: 850Kg 

Vehicle body: Welded carbon steel structures  with E coating 

Brake: Oil drum brakes and hand parking brake 

Lighting: Headlight, front&rear indicators, brake light, reverse light and number plate light


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